Asphalt Cracking

Crack Sealing:

Cracks in parking lots are not unusual. Unfortunately, neither is the eventual deterioration of the asphalt if those cracks are left unattended. Unsealed cracks allow water to penetrate into the asphalt’s base which deteriorates the sub-grade and eventually works its way up to the surface. Sub-grade moisture is one of the leading causes of pavement breakdown; therefore, it is essential that asphalt cracking is attended to promptly in order to extend the life of the pavement and save money in the long-run. If left unattended, unsealed cracks will eventually result in alligator cracks, potholes and eventually the premature demise of pavement.
A & B Asphalt
Maintenance recommends filling cracks and joints over ¼ inch wide.

Crack Sealing Product:
The crack sealer we recommend is a heated, rubberized conjoining compound utilized to seal joints and cracks against moisture infiltration into the asphalt’s sub-grade. While this type of crack sealer is slightly more expensive, it is far superior to less expensive rubberized joint compounds. Our crack sealer is superior because of its greater elasticity, which enables our compound to expand and contract with your asphalt over greater distances without compromising its structural integrity. Another benefit is it sets fast and does not reconstitute in warm weather, and therefore will not stick to footwear or tires. Our sealer is also superior to contemporary cold-pour sealers because cold-pour sealers, which are marginally less expensive, do not adhere as well, become brittle once they set and tend to pop out of the crack with temperature changes.

Scope of Work:
The crack is first cleaned utilizing steel bristle brooms and various mechanical blowers. The crack sealer is then poured into the cracks at a temperature of roughly 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Once the product has been poured into the crack, the molten crack sealer is then squeegeed, thus channeling it further into the crack and creating a wide surface to grip the top of the pavement. The smooth path of crack sealer provided by utilizing a squeegee also improves appearance. Our crack sealer usually sets up within a few minutes and is then safe to walk or drive over.

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