Asphalt Patching

Patching is a cost effective way to replace small sections of severely damaged asphalt, such as potholes or alligator cracks. A & B Asphalt Maintenance offers three practical types of patches:

Overlay Patching: This method is utilized when the underlying base of the asphalt is structurally sound and is typically used on depressed surfaces, such as low laying areas that accumulate water. The skin patching process starts first with cleaning the existing pavement then applying a layer of asphalt tack (asphalt adhesive), followed by an application of hot-mixed asphalt. The hot-mixed asphalt is then mechanically compacted with a roller. The edges of the patch are later sealed with our rubberized joint compound to lock out moisture and improve overall appearance.

Removal and Replacement: Commonly referred to as “R&R,” this technique is used for asphalt which has sub-base damage. The damaged area is squared off, cut out and then excavated to a depth of two inches to two feet depending on the subsurface conditions. New aggregate is then added as needed and compacted in preparation for the new asphalt surface. Finally, hot-mixed asphalt is placed over the aggregate layer and compacted to match the level of the surrounding asphalt. All edges are later sealed with our rubberized joint compound.

Mill Patching: At A & B Asphalt Maintenance, we have been exposed to every type of asphalt patching. Through many years of trial and error, we have settled on mill patching as the most economical form of quality patching. With mill patching, we “mill” out the existing asphalt to a specified depth, with depends on the severity of existing asphalt damage (this depth varies between 2-5 inches). After the milling process, the asphalt is removed from the work area. The work area is then cleaned using blowers and steel bristle brooms, after which asphalt adhesive is applied to the entire area. One the adhesive begins to solidify, hot mix asphalt is installed and raked smooth in the milled out area, then mechanically compacted until a level grade is achieved. We warranty our mill patches for one year against reflection cracking for one year after job completion.

Benefits of Asphalt Patching: All of these patching methods are economical components of an overall pavement maintenance program.  Timely asphalt patching prevents more expensive repairs in the future.  Properly maintaining your asphalt also creates a safer work environment, which  leads to fewer accidents, thus lowering ownership liability.

Home Owner Tip: please beware of infrared patching, you will not be happy.

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